Making Accompaniment for Guitar Solo on Mac

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Making Accompaniment for Guitar Solo on Mac

I recently found out a solution to get the accompaniment to my phone, so that I can play along with it. There are some quality-wise compromises but overall it is good enough for me.

Usually the music has several tracks and I was using songsterr to find tabs. The problem is that, it is not providing a way to suppress the track you are playing while keeping the others on. I guess a PRO version may enable this feature though.

The trick is to get the .gp4 or .gp5 file and convert it with some softwares.

Pre-requisites include GarageBand and TuxGuitar. Both of them are free.

For example, I go to to download the tabs file

After the file is downloaded, open it with TuxGuitar.

You can see the two tracks here:

Then we go File-Export-“Export Midi” to save it to be a midi file.

We open the saved midi file in GarageBand and mute the melody track.

Now you can either go Share-“Export Song to Disk..” and save it as an audio file, or go Share-“Project to GarageBand for iOS…” to save it as a file that you can open and play with the GarageBand installed on your iPhone/iPad.

Now enjoy 🙂

The midi file does not sound very authentic, so I guess this is only good for practice.

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