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How to contact USCIS and what to expect

For any foreigner in the US, when it comes to immigration related issues, there are always a lot of stories to tell. My recent story is about renewing my EAD (work authorization in the US) card.

After I sent out my renewal application, I have tried multiple methods to contact USCIS and would like share the experience here. My case is a little special that what I need to get legitimate work authorization again is simply the receipt notice from USCIS that my application is accepted to be processed. Usually it only takes 2 weeks for one to receive this letter in mail. Sometimes it doubles.

The application was sent to Lockbox and the official in-take process can be found here. The official website has listed a number of tools to submit all kinds of requests. But before having the receipt letter with a receipt number, most of them are not applicable.

  1. First thing you can try is to email the local Lockbox office at It takes a few days (e.g. 17 days in my case) to get the reply. But the local office should have the first-hand information about the thing I’ve submit. If they couldn’t find your application at all, I would assume the application is lost. In the end, I firstly get my receipt number from the kind officer through this email address.
  2. Second thing you can try is to call USCIS contact center. Trying to schedule an info-pass or appointment through the answering system could eventually lead you to live representative. The waiting time is usually around 30~60mins in my prior trials. When the representative couldn’t answer my question, I learned that I can ask to escalate the case to a tier-2 representative or officer. It is always better to make the phone call in the morning since the tier-2 representatives/officers do not take calls in the late afternoon. I found the officers are usually efficient and processional with access to more information.  In my case,  when other representatives could not tell me whether or not my receipt letter has been mailed to me, the officer told me that it was mailed out with an accurate mailed-out date.
  3. The last thing I tried is to contact my senator for help. Their contact can always be easily found and their application process is clearly described on their webpages. I provided the nice senator everything I have regarding the case. They actively asked for the things they need. I am not clear how they would contact USCIS. In the end, I didn’t hear back updates regarding my case.

It is always unpredictable when the Immigration documents would get processed and it is a bitter ordeal to one’s patience. Hope these help in relieving your anxiety.

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  1. Was the reply from lockbox support helpful in locating your application? I have not received my receipt notice and its nearly 3 weeks.

    • It wouldn’t make it faster to arrive but if they told you that your application is received and give you a receipt number, you will feel less anxious indeed.

      • Hi so after how long will they answer your emails, thank you . I’ve been waiting over 3 weeks without any notice

    • I filed on H4 visa extension at vermont center on 03/31/2020, but till now we didn’t receive receipt notice.
      I called usics contact center and spoke with Tier 2 person, they don’t find my application in their system. I sent email to lockboxsupport to enquire about my petition.

      You got your receipt notice?

      • Yes, in my case, I got confirmation from the lockbox-support that they’ve received my application.

  2. Hi
    I sent my change of status application on 8/27/2020 and until today I havent received any receipt. I called USCIS and they gave me the lock box email. I wrote them one week ago and no answer yet.
    When should i consider my application lost and plan to send it again?

    Thanks for any help.



    • Hello alberto i am in same situation not got receipt notice or enotificarion regarding i765 application. Already did email to lockbox 10 days before but no response yet. Did you get reply from them amd got your receipt number from them? If yes then how manys days it took them to reply you. Please and thank you.

      • Hi Harry. Do you can tell me how write an email to lockbox support.? I am trying to send email but i dont know how it supose to be or how to start? Thank you

    • My AOS packet was received on the same date, but did not receive the receipt yet. Emailed the lockbox on oct 1st, no response yet. Let me know if you received any updates

  3. @ALBERTO ; i have the same sentiments regarding my application. I applied my I-845; I-131 and I-795 last Sept 14,2020 and it reached Dallas lockbox on Sept. 17,2020. its been a month already i haven’t receive any text messages/mail coming from their office. i even attached a G-1145 to my packet so that i can be notified whenever they receive my application. I called the USCIS hotline, unfortunately my application is not yet filed online, no deduction done for the filing fee. The representative told me to mail the lockboxsupport to check what is the status of my application. My first attempt to mail lockboxsupport was October 4,2020 but no response. i mailed them again October 13,2020 still no response. Im trying my best to apply on time due to some changes such as increased filing fee; but right now im a bit worried maybe my application got lost or rejected due to delayed receipt notice.

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  5. Hello, My I-757C lost in the mail. So, I emailed and It’s been more than 30 days since my email been sent. No answer from them. I send one more email but did not receive any answer. What should I do in my situation? I really need my I-757C notice to provide for my employer. Is there any way to get an answer from them?

    • I am in the same boat. Lost I-797C form, and desperately need the duplicate copy.
      Please help and confirm if you received one.

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